Everyone has their own unique situation, that’s why the first step in the process of hiring a Private Investigator is to have either a phone consultation or a private confidential meeting. During the meeting we want to hear the whole story, everything that is going on from beginning to end.
Once we are fully informed our next step is to fill out necessary paperwork and receive the retainer in order to begin working your case. Remember, we only keep what we earn.

Maiolo Investigations has a strategic planning process for your case.

During your case we will keep you updated throughout. Also, as the client you may call the President of the company directly if you ever have a question. The phone number given (919-345-6647) is the cell phone of Mr. Maiolo directly. At the end of your case you will be provided with a detailed report, invoice, and if any video or photograph surveillance was taken that will be provided in DVD format.


Our Investigation Process

Your needs, goals, are the basis for our strategic investigation plan


There are two parts of our planning process:

  1. Meet at a location this can be anywhere you feel safe to include our office in which we spend as much time as needed to provide clear and concise information to not only gather everything needed on our end but to ensure you are aware of what our methods are. 
  2. We will fully go over our intended tactics and make sure all of your questions are answered. During this time we will also go over tactics we will need you as our client to do during the course of the investigation to not only protect yourself but your case as well.
Answer Questions
Intended Tactics


There are two parts of our planning process:

  1. As for this step this all depends on your individual case. We update you throughout the case and are always available if you need to update us with new information or ask questions.
  2. We do not release our methods of investigation over the internet, however during consultation and once hired we keep our clients abreast of the investigation in detail.
Update Client


At the end of our investigation we provide you with the information we collected.

 At the conclusion of our investigation not only do we provide you with all background checks, reports, video and pictures (when applicable) but we are at your disposal in regards to any court issues that may arise and as usual are always available as we do not charge to talk!

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