Offering A Wide Range Of Investigation Services

We strive to truly understand your case and objectives, then build a highly sophisticated plan to get you the answers that you need.

Maiolo Investigations can provide the truth and facts covering a range of areas including:

Surveillance Investigations

Photography Surveillance
Non-Technical Counter Surveillance
Video Mobile Surveillance

Civil & Domestic Case Investigations

Infidelity (Cheating)
Child Custody
Child Welfare
GPS Tracking
Teen Tracking -Premarital

Computer Forensic Investigations

Our certified digital forensics team uses the same technology as law enforcement and the FBI. We investigate infidelity, employee fraud, criminal activity and computer crimes. Deleted data and communications can be recovered, and data can be extracted from mobile devices, computers, GPS, home security systems and DVRS.

Facebook Messages
Pictures can all be discovered.

Insurance Fraud

Workers Compensation
General Liability issues.

DNA Testing

Court Admissible Testing
Infidelity Studies

Corporate Investigations

Undercover Employee
Embezzlement -Theft

Background Check Investigations

Pre-Childcare Background Check
Pre-Tenant Background Check
Jury Panel Background Check
Criminal History Inquiries
Previous Employment Inquiries
Education Verification
Credit Checks


Missing Persons Locates
Witness Locates
Driving Records Locate